Why You Need Marketing Automation Today?

Marketing Automation turns average “Static” websites into dynamic, lead generating employees that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of today’s mundane marketing tasks, such as sending email, special offers, capturing visitor contact information and more can be automated. When you know your visitors you can personalize information based upon their specific interests and urgencies to nurture them toward future sales. Know your website visitors, know their interests and help them with what they need. Respond with a text message when the need is urgent or the system can notify you with a text message to contact them asap! Tell us that won’t impress a potential client!

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Features Mautic Marketo InfusionSoft Hubspot Pardot Eboqua SalesForce
A/B Tests
Automated Drip Marketing
CMS Integration
Contact Analysis
Contact Management
Contact Scoring
CRM Integration
eCommerce Integration
Email Marketing
Event Management
Landing Page & Form Creator
List Management
Marketing Automation Intro – Free
Multiple Email Service Providers
Open Source
Personalized Experts Available
Self-Hosted Landing Pages
Self-Hosted Software
Smart Contact Capture Forms
Social Media Integration
Special Onboarding Packages
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Users
Video Training – Free 1st 30 Days
Web Activity Monitoring
Webinar Lead Capturing
Price Range $50 – $250/Month $895-3,295/Month & up $199 – 379/Month $200 – 2,400/Month $1,000 – 3,000/Month $2,000 – 3,000/Month $1,000 – + / Month
Setup & Training Fees $499 for lite

Others vary

$0 $2,000 $500 – 2,000 $0 $2500 $5,000 – 80,000 *
Limiting Factors None Limited Contacts Limited Contacts Limited Contacts Limited Contacts Limited Contacts Limited Contacts / Complex UI / Price is Per each User

* Ranger Louis – CRM Rangers – Quora and contactmonkey.com

How Does SaaS Fit Your Business Model?

With SaaS all you do is pay a monthly fee and start using the software. Be careful. Inexpensive plans are limited in features and capacity. Often, to get full benefits, you need to upgrade to more expensive plans. If you only need the basic features – great. Most companies find that they quickly outgrow basic needs and thus are forced to pay for more costly fees each month.

SaaS Best For:

  • Startup & small companies on a budget and need to use the software quickly.
  • Short-term needs
  • You Share server space/resources with other businesses. Performance can degrade if the businesses compete for the server resources.
  • Applications that are not used frequently such as an annual survey or tax accounting software.
  • Great for applications that need access from multiple device types such as desktops and mobile devices.
  • Our SaaS is unique in that we can give you your own instance that allows you to control when updates are installed and you don’t need to share with other companies so you can grow to your hearts content and wait to install upgrades when you are ready.

SaaS Disadvantages:

  • Lack of integration – connecting with existing applications is limited and may force you to pay extra for integration – in most cases it is unavailable.
  • No integration support and onboarding and training can be expensive.
  • Data ownership – often you don’t own the data and if you want to migrate it can be unavailable or costly to obtain.
  • No Customization – If you want to change the application to better suit your business, you are out of luck. You do not have access to the source code. The owner of the software may be willing to charge you expensive fees for customization but most don’t.
  • Feature / Price creep – SaaS is often limited in features, especially the inexpensive plans. Features that provide the most benefit are usually only available in the most expensive monthly packages.
  • Control – If the SaaS is unavailable due to an outage, you have no control. And if an update suddenly changes the entire UI, you have to become accustomed to the changes.
  • Privacy – Many times SaaS forces you to agree to allow them and their associates to market to you. Additionally your business communications may be branded with their company information.

How Does On-Premises Fit Your Business Model?

With On-Premises solutions you own the infrastructure and software. You are responsible for server updates and security, OS license and maintenance. You load the software on your own server and control the software configuration, updates and integrations.

On-Premises is Best For:

  • Larger companies with an IT staff experienced with managing infrastructure and applications.
  • Long-term needs
  • Maximum performance and availability.
  • Frequently used applications.
  • Our SaaS is unique in that we can give you your own instance that allows you to control when updates are installed and you don’t need to share with other companies so you can grow to your hearts content and wait to install upgrades when you are ready. You get all the benefits of On-Premises but without the headaches and expenses.
  • Ownership of all your data and ensures confidentiality and you aren’t forced to receive advertising from other companies.

On-Premises Disadvantages:

  • More costly to manage- Personnel expenses, equipment capital expenses and management.
  • Availability – Limited to your IT staff’s ability to respond to issues that may cause outages or vulnerabilities.
  • Data reliability – Backup and recovery plans will determine whether or not you are protected from loss.
  • Internal resources and training – adequate training as staff rotates is necessary.

Powerful Built-in Integration

Working with other applications is easy with built-in support for some of the most common applications.

  • CRM – HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce and more
  • Email – Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailChimp and more
  • CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more
  • Social Media – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more
  • Other – More integrations are being added.

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You Can Own The Software

Open source software is free. Download it for free. Own it and use it free without paying license and user fees. You will have to pay for monthly hosting, monthly support and technical expertise so consider less expensive month-to-month instead to reduce headaches, save time and money.

  • Upgrades are free too

    For a limited time, the first 30 days are free with QuixTec.

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Special Support and Training is Available

Learning new software can be challenging at first. Once you’ve been shown how all the different features work together you are off and running. Here’s how we help:

QuixTec offers special first-time-user, low-cost specials to help you hit the ground running. From there you add to what we’ve started or copy what we did to expand your marketing efforts.

The sooner you start Marketing Automation with QuixTec the quicker you can see results. For a limited time, the first 30 days are free.

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