Company Overview

Thank you for visiting us today! I’m sure you’ll be glad you stopped by. We offer low-cost and free resources that will take your website and marketing efforts to new levels.

In my 30 years of IT business experience, rarely have I seen a software package level the playing field between small and large companies to such an extent. Even the final remaining gap of hiring expertly trained people who can take marketing software to its full effectiveness has been closed because today, QuixTec’s team of experts give you access to low-cost marketing capabilities such as automated drip campaigns, newsletters and more.

We’ve worked with notable companies like World Vision, Expedia, Microsoft, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratories, The U.S. Air Force and more over those 30 years. Whether the company was small or large, cutting costs without sacrificing features, quality or revenue was a common goal. QuixTec fulfills this goal in the marketing automation arena with plans that cost pennies on the dollar compared to current long-established offerings.  I urge you to look into our affordable marketing automation today. You can do in minutes what it took me 30 years to find and build.

If you are a current online marketer, we can migrate your lists, emails, newsletters, campaigns, automation and more to Mautic.

The sooner we start the quicker you can see results. For a limited time, the first 30 days are free.

Richard Quatier, Founder
QuixTec, LLC

  • Free initial consultations and technical discussions.
  • Specializing in small to large multi-scoped, phased projects.
  • Professional Onboarding & Training to ensure you use Mautic like a pro.
  • Experienced Mautic installation and configuration of Servers in farms or stand-alone environments
  • Special packages to begin your first marketing campaign and more.
  • Team Staffing – Mautic Experts immediately available when you need them.
  • Customized wrapper for a consistent “Look and Feel” that fits your organizations branding
  • Automation of Marketing Processes
  • Creating Forms, newsletters and creating basic to advanced reporting
  • Setting different levels of user access
  • Quick delivery and negotiable hourly rates for larger long-term projects and flexible payment terms
  • Special Non-Profit discounts
  • We guarantee and support all our work until sign off

We understand the important role our solutions play in fulfilling your mission and we are committed to the following:

  • Provide superior development and support.
  • Obtain constant feedback to improve processes and the solutions we deliver.
  • Live our values: Serve our clients and community to make the world a better place.